In order to find new talent, we usually announce a public competition. Sometimes also recruitment consultants help us find people. The most active applicants contact us directly, sending their CV and a motivational letter, even if there is no competition currently running.

There is no one correct answer how to become a member of the Tieto team. We have to find each other and if we are a match, make history together. Contact us, let’s talk!

For some positions we ask you to fulfil a test task by which you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills. In other cases, we just read the CV and conduct an interview.

Starting to work

We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed in Tieto from day one. Tieto’s Onboarding program lasts all the first year of your employment and contains interactive presentations and trainings.

In the first weeks of work you are supported by our HR department, your direct supervisor and your mentor. You can also read materials that will help you as a fresh team member become comfortable with your new role. You will get a general idea of the strategy, goals and values of the company which will enable you to understand Tieto better.

Requested position was not found or application period is over.